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Quadkids Competition

This week got off to a very busy start with the BGN family Quadkids competition.

Teams from across KS2 represented BLS in this large athletics event in which teams of up to five boys and five girls take part in a sprint, vortex throw, standing long jump and a middle distance run. All individual scores are compiled and brought together to produce a team result. We were very lucky to be able to enter four teams from across Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, taking 37 children in total, with over 185 children taking part from St Mary's ALW, St Josephs, Longford Park, St Johns & Orchard Fields schools. The School Games value was DETERMINATION which was very appropriate for our pupils as the results below show.


Year 3/4 Event
Boys: 2nd Antony Girls: 1st Ioka; 2nd Adeline
Year 5/6 Event
Boys: 1st Harry; 2nd Max Girls: 2nd Bella; 3rd Gabriella

With such amazing individual results we were absolutely delighted to find out that our team results were as follows.


Year 3/4 Competition
Year 4 Team: 1st  Year 3 Team: 3rd
Year 5/6 Competition
Year 6 Team: 1st  Year 5 Team: 4th              

A special mention to Ruby, Cameron, Harry and Mason who received a special award for showing such determination across all four activities.

Congratulations to all our athletes who took part and good luck to our Year 4 and 6 teams who have qualified for the North Oxfordshire finals next term.