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Collective Worship & Developing Spirituality

At Bishop Loveday School, we want to ensure that all children learn and worship in an inclusive, Christian and safe environment. We work hard at promoting Christian values including Love, Respect, Friendship, Unity, Courage and Forgiveness. Collective Worship also enables our whole school vision ‘Joining Together; Learning for Life’ to be at the core of Bishop Loveday’s ethos.

The children participate in a daily Act of Worship, including; whole school, class, year group or phase assemblies. Every Friday, the children have celebration assemblies where the children can be publicly recognised for all their achievements both in and outside of school.

We have close links with our local church with the Reverend being a close friend and governor of our school. Reverend Sarah leads assemblies in Early Years, as well as a Worship group with a selection of children from across the school. Our aims for Collective Worship at Bishop Loveday are to promote Christian values by using images, music and Bible stories. We aim to promote a growing awareness of God through prayer, visits to the local church and daily acts of worship.

There is a shared vision that children will feel a part of a faith and community. Children are encouraged to develop their spiritual awareness and moral compass. By using pupil voice, we have ensured that children have taken some ownership on collective worship, as well as, developing their leadership skills.