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Our Music Curriculum

“Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent’”  Victor Hugo

The teaching of music at Bishop Loveday follows the statutory guidance of the National Curriculum. Details of our curriculum can be found on The Warriner Trust Website.

Music is a universal language. A high-quality music education engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music. Music also has the potential to make a huge difference to children’s development. It can increase confidence, promote team working, improve concentration and enhance social cohesion within the school and wider community. 

Music lessons are fun and inspiring, engaging the children with songs, practical activities and movement. Children in Year 4 enjoy weekly music sessions delivered by a specialist djembe drumming teacher.  Our long-term planning overview links to National Curriculum objectives and ensures that the children experience a wide variety of musical genres and a steady progression of knowledge and skills. This will be through listening and responding to music, composition, performing and evaluating.

Further opportunities throughout school include: weekly key stage singing sessions and singing during collective worship times. The children also gain knowledge of the history and origins of music through our ‘around the world’ music journey during our whole school worship sessions. Children are also encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument through a variety of visiting peripatetic staff from the Oxfordshire County Music Service. Our school choir perform at many local venues and at occasions throughout the school year, such as ‘Children Singing for Children’ and taking part in our local church services. Christmas performances and topic based- celebrations also give the children a chance to demonstrate their musical abilities to audiences.

We have been recognised as a 'Music Mark' School. Music Mark Schools are committed to providing a high-quality music education for their school community. 

Music Lessons

Music Lessons Most tuition is offered by Oxfordshire County Council visiting teachers in schools around the county during the school day. However, there are also out of school opportunities for all ages. Not all instrument tuition is available in every school. You will be able to see which are offered in your child’s school during the onl…