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Pupil Premium

Our vision is to be kind, be honest and have courage to live 'life in all its fullness' (John 10:10), which ensures pupils and adults experience growth and have a sense of self-worth, the confidence to be who they are and the resilience to persevere and overcome challenges. We aim for all members of our school community to feel inspired and be inspiring, making a positive contribution to the life of others. 

Children explore the world around them, ask questions, solve problems and find answers. Children have an extensive range of life experiences that provide opportunities for them to become confident and independent young people, who thrive on challenge, and are motivated to learn, equipping them to be a lifelong learner and empowering them to achieve success in the future.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure all pupils benefit from learning opportunities that offer a rich set of experiences and that build on cultural capital. Putting the children at the forefront of our thinking and striving to remove the barriers to learning and living life in all its fullness.

Our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement can be viewed on our Policies page.